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Deadline tomorrow, 27 Nov (midnight PST) - Electronic Village Call for Proposals

  • 1.  Deadline tomorrow, 27 Nov (midnight PST) - Electronic Village Call for Proposals

    Posted 26-11-2021 11:15 AM
    Educators, please submit a proposal to share your experiences and expertise in the 2022 Electronic Village. 
    This interactive set of virtual events is free and open to all!

    Electronic Village (EV) 2022 - Call for Proposals
    Hosted by TESOL's Computer-assisted Language Learning Interest Section (CALL-IS)
    Deadline: Saturday, November 27, 2021

    The Electronic Village (EV) will take place virtually during the hybrid 2022 TESOL International Convention from Thursday, March 23 through Saturday, March 25. The online program will contain both synchronous and asynchronous interactive professional learning content. Events will include: 

    • Innovate and Implement: Practical Tech-Supported Instruction Tips: Short, practical tech tips videos grouped according to four themes: Innovative Tools and Activities for Synchronous Virtual Instruction; Innovative Tools and Activities for Asynchronous Virtual Instruction; Tools and Approaches for Overcoming Classroom Management or Instructional Admin Challenges; and Tools and Activities for face-to-face (F2F) environments 
    • Let's Learn Live!: 20-minute live, interactive presentations on topics related to tech-supported learning and the 4Cs- Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication-and 21st Century Learning; no audience size limit
    • Tinkering with Tech Workshops: Live 60 or 90-minute workshops that include hands-on activities with presenter support and may utilize small-group work in breakout rooms
    • Best of the Electronic Village Online 2022: Celebrate the outstanding work and lessons learned during the 2022 EVO sessions through live and recorded events
    • We're CALL-ing on You: Daily asynchronous Mentimeter interactions that will generate and share ideas about current ed tech and pedagogical innovation topics for TESOLers....and more!

    The CALL-IS is currently accepting proposals for Innovate and Implement presentations, Let's Learn Live! presentations, and Tinkering with Tech workshops. Please see the proposal requirements for each event type below. Applicants can submit their proposals no later than midnight (Pacific Time - USA; time zone converter) on November 27, 2021. Please direct any questions to the event lead in each listing. This Call for Proposals and application system access is also available here: 

    • There is no fee to attend or present in the 2022 Electronic Village; it is an open-access program. 
    • For examples of the exciting events that take place in the Electronic Village, please visit the EV 2021 site. You'll find a wealth of free, openly accessible ed-tech for ELT resources…our EV 2022 website will be available soon. 
    • Live EV presentations will also be listed in the main TESOL convention scheduling app along with the full EV program, so information will be centrally located and easy to find! 
    • More than one proposal from the same individual may be accepted based upon space availability in the final schedule.

    We look forward to learning from and with you in the virtual 2022 Electronic Village!

    1. Innovate and Implement: Practical Tech-Supported Instruction Tips
    • Presentation Time: 5-10 minutes 
    • Format: Asynchronous. 5-10-minute pre-recorded videos available to convention attendees on demand via a curation tool such as Wakelet. 
    • Event Summary: These instructional videos provide "how to" demonstrations that showcase ways classroom teachers can apply technology-based tools and activities for virtual, blended, and/or face-to-face instruction. The videos should succinctly (in 5-10 minutes) highlight a specific application of a technology based tool, showcase a technology-supported activity or provide an overview of a tool's general capabilities for classroom use. The use of screencasting or other approaches that visually demonstrate how the tool functions or an activity sequence is highly encouraged. The general topics for the sessions will include: 
      • Innovative Tools and Activities for Synchronous Virtual Instruction
      • Innovative Tools and Activities for Asynchronous Virtual Instruction
      • Tools and Approaches for Overcoming Classroom Management or Instructional Admin Challenges
      • Tools and Activities for F2F Environments 

    Accepted presentation videos will be showcased to convention goers via Wakelet. CALL-IS will provide resources about how to use this tool for visual display. Thus, this event will demonstrate an application of a tech platform while using it to communicate pedagogical applications of a variety of other tech tools.

    • Proposal Information: 10-word title, 50-word summary for program book, and a 100-word abstract that outlines the presentation objective and shares how the tool, activity, or resource will be presented in a practical way within the allotted time.
    • Event lead: Marta Halaczkiewicz,

      Submit your Innovate and Implement presentation proposal here.

      1. Let's Learn Live!
      • Presentation Time: 25 (20 minutes for presentation content + 5 min for questions) 
      • Format: Live, on-camera Zoom presentation; presenters will screenshare their content from their own device as a Zoom Panelist; all presentations must include interactive components through Zoom chat questions or interactive tools such as Mentimeter, Padlet, or Jamboard; the audience will not have mics enabled, "cameras on" will be optional.
      • Event Summary: Let's Learn Live! sessions are short, practical interactive presentations that focus on using a tech tool or tools to support the 4Cs (Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication) and 21st Century Learning Skills (persistence/grit, team work, problem-solving, media literacy, etc.) in ELT settings. All sessions will include audience engagement through Zoom chat questions or interactive tools such as Mentimeter, Padlet, or Jamboard. 
      • Proposal Information: 10-word (maximum) title, 50-word summary for program book, and a maximum 250-word abstract that briefly outlines the session goals (which should have an explicit connection to the 4Cs and 21st Century Learning theme), describes the session plan, and indicates how the presenter(s) will interactively achieve the plan in the allotted time. Our audience will appreciate practical demonstrations that show and explain how to use the selected tools; as you prepare, be sure to consider what information a teaching audience may need to adopt or adapt the ideas you will share, such as such preparation tips, scaffolding suggestions, and required materials.  
      • Event lead: Heather Benucci,
      Submit your Let's Learn Live! presentation proposal here.

      1. Tinkering with Technology: Hands-on Workshop
      • Presentation Time: 60 or 90 minutes
      • Format: Synchronous sessions on Zoom using chat, breakout rooms, and other interactive features. After a brief explanation/demonstration, presenters guide participants in "hands-on" practice. Space is limited to 15-20 participants. 
      • Event Summary: Tinkering with Tech Workshops offer "hands-on" practice to a small group of participants with a focus on the use of a specific technology tool or Internet-based resource. These workshops incorporate learning about the application or resource, experiencing a task or activity, and creating a product in a meaningful language learning context. Presenters provide subject matter expertise and guidance in adapting the selected technology resources.
        Note: Tinkering with Tech workshops are meant to offer a truly interactive experience for participants so they leave the session understanding how to use the tech tool for English language teaching and create or begin to create an end product. They are participant-centered and, while applications may be research-based, put theory into practice. They are not presentations on research.
      • Proposal Information: 10-word title maximum, 50-word summary for program book and a maximum 250-word abstract that briefly outlines: 1) the tool or resource and how it provides support for language learning; 2) workshop objectives; 3) hands-on activities you will provide for the session and sequence of activities; 4) expected outcomes (what participants will gain from this session; and 5) time frame (60 or 90 minutes).
      • Event lead: Sandy Wagner,
        Submit your Tinkering with Technology workshop proposal here.

        Want to learn more about the Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section? … follow us! 

        Twitter: @TESOLCALLIS

        Heather Benucci
        CALL-IS Past-Chair & Electronic Village Coordinator 2021-2022

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        Posted 29-11-2021 06:21 PM
        Thank you for sharing!

        Zohra Labed