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Setting up a sister school program of sorts

  • 1.  Setting up a sister school program of sorts

    Posted 17-09-2021 11:11 AM

    Unsure whether I'm in the right place here.

    I'm interested in setting up a "sister school" program between Cal State LA's TESOL program and a university in the PRC. The aim is to have undergrads enrolled in English composition courses post and receive feedback from the TESOL graduate students at Cal State LA as part of their Practicum credit. I have "cold called" the relevant departments at several Chinese universities shall we say in vain.
    There has to be a better way than reinventing the wheel, so I'm wondering whether anyone might know whether (a) there is such an established program, and (b) what schools in China might be amenable at least to learning more.
    Many thanks in advance!

    Mark Sullivan
    United States