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Full-day workshop on teaching S/FL through 'Process Drama'

  • 1.  Full-day workshop on teaching S/FL through 'Process Drama'

    Posted 16-01-2019 11:50

    Motivation, Participation, and Ongoing All-Skills Practice via Process-Drama


    On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, EVO-Drama co-founder/moderator Gary Carkin and EVO-Drama co-moderators Judy Trupin and Leslie Sapp will facilitate​ ​a dynamic, six-hour, hands-on workshop on using 'Process Drama' to enhance L2 learning, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA!


    Process Drama (PD) is a unique drama-based educational approach, created in the 1960s by Drama in Education (DiE) pioneer Dorothy Heathcote and developed/refined by DiE scholar-educators Gavin Bolton and Cecily O'Neill. PD is a dynamic and comprehensive teaching methodology that involves all participants working improvisationally, together with the teacher, to create and explore an imaginary dramatic world that encapsulates a particular problem, situation, or theme.


    Used for decades as an educational framework in mainstream reading, writing, and social studies classes in the UK, Australia, and Canada, PD has been gaining worldwide popularity in recent years as a second/foreign language‐learning tool, due to its unique capacity to engage all of the learners in an ongoing stream of extended speaking, listening, reading, writing, and critical thinking activities. The validity of PD ​in the second/foreign language classroom ​is supported by recent brain-based research showing that second language acquisition is vastly accelerated by the integration of motivation, imagination, movement, and emotion, all of which are continuously at play in Process Drama.


    Our full-day, hands-on, participant-centered workshop, "Motivation, Participation, and Ongoing All-Skills Practice via Process-Drama," is being presented as a 2019 TESOL Convention Pre-Convention Institute (PCI)​; however, registration is open to all, regardless of registration in the convention itself. ​That means you can register for this workshop, even if you are not planning to register for TESOL 2019.


    This PCI provides a rare opportunity to experience a Process Drama first-hand to learn how to devise and facilitate successful Process Dramas in your own English language classrooms. Under our careful guidance, you will work together to:

    • Construct dramatic contexts for active speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice​.​
    • Explore ways of developing extended improvisational dramas based on learner interests and learner-nominated topics and themes​.​
    • Learn to utilize drama techniques to help language learners develop fluency.​
    • Design teacher-in-role activities that ignite inquiry within authentic contexts​.​
    • Create an active drama lesson plan that can be used in your next class​.​



    For pricing information, click here.

    For workshop description, click here, then scroll down to session 19.

    To register, click here and follow the prompts. When given the option, select "ticketed items."


    Workshop Summary:

    Spend the day exploring the dynamic, reflective, highly effective, comprehensive whole-group drama-based approach called 'Process Drama,' in which students and teacher collaborate to create extended complex, meaningful, and authentic drama encounters while simultaneously developing speaking, listening, grammar, literacy, and critical thinking skills.

    Participants will…

    Learn a range of drama techniques that help learners develop fluency, including:

         -  role-drama and improvisation

         -  freeze-frame and tableau

         -  thought-tracking

         -  hot-seating

         -  interviewing

         -  speech making

         -  choral narration

         -  pantomime

         -  dreamscape scenes

    •  Construct contexts for active writing and speaking exercises, including:

         -  news reporting

         -  letter writing

         -  advertising

         -  interviewing

         -  journal writing

         -  meetings

         -  trials

    •  Design projects that ignite student inquiry within authentic contexts and initiate:

         -  gathering of information for active planning

         -  tracking of historical data

         -  analysis of information (e.g., geo-political information)

         -  authentic practice of the four language skills

    •  Create an active, multi-episode drama lesson plan for use in your next class

    •  Practice your lessons with the whole group (time permitting)


    Register now for "Motivation, Participation, and Ongoing All-Skills Practice via Process-Drama" and learn to create and facilitate successful Process Dramas in your own English language classrooms.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Leslie Sapp
    ESL Lead Teacher
    Creative Minds International PCS

  • 2.  RE: Full-day workshop on teaching S/FL through 'Process Drama'

    Posted 17-01-2019 01:58
    I am Jani Reddy from India and I am a global members of TESOL. 
    I want to know whether there is is any provision to attend the Process Drama event through online. 
    Jani Reddy