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  • 1.  Iintroduction

    Posted 05-04-2021 12:00 PM
    Greetings from Congo-Kinshasa!
    I'm Louis Akassa. I teach English to teenagers and to adults. Learning in order to improve is my passion. I like getting in touch with people from different cultures.

    Louis Akassa

  • 2.  RE: Iintroduction

    Posted 05-04-2021 04:28 PM
    Hello Louis!
    Welcome to TESOL!  I'm pretty sure I have also been able to connect with you on the TESOL 2021 virtual platform!  What was has been the most impactful TESOL 2021 talk that has helped you in your teaching practices?  I was impacted so much by our plenary speakers - especially Dr. Clint Smith and Glenn Singleton!

    Anastasia J. Khawaja, Ph.D. (she, her, hers)
    Membership Professional Council Incoming Chair

  • 3.  RE: Iintroduction

    Posted 06-04-2021 12:31 PM
    Hi Anastasia. Thanks for your message. Definitely, the TESOL 2021 virtual platform is my second world these days! I'm still learning. The most impactful TESOL 2021 talks have been Deborah Short's keynote, Tamara Jones' presentation on 10 vocabulary games for secondary ESOL, and also David Burke's exhibitor session on teaching idioms and slang. But besides, there are numerous other edifying sessions that I've watched,  including poster sessions. I'm still watching every day. I'm also happy to have colleagues around the world today! The 90 days after the live Convention will profit me so much.

    Louis Akassa

  • 4.  RE: Iintroduction

    Posted 06-04-2021 05:17 AM
    Hello, everybody!
    I am so happy to meet you all in here. 

    Thorn Morn

  • 5.  RE: Iintroduction

    Posted 07-04-2021 03:54 PM
    Hello Thorn and Lous. We are glad you joined TESOL community. We have a variety of different TESOL IS (Interest Sections). As a member you can join these and participate with members from specific IS.

    Yuliya Summers
    MyTESOL Lounge Coordinator/Volunteer
    United States