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Voting info for American's overseas

  • 1.  Voting info for American's overseas

    Posted 17 days ago
    Edited by Thomas Robb 16 days ago

    I have just learned a good lesson, so I thought that I should pass this information on to you:

    1) If your state does allow mail-in ballots, DO NOT MAIL IT IN! Send it by a courier service such as DHL or UPS. Most countries have a courier service that is contracted with one of the US non-postal services.

    Why do I say this?  Because I sent my primary ballot for the New Jersey election on June 19th by registered mail so that I could track it.  It arrived in Chicago two days later AND IT IS STILL THERE (July 17th)!  This isn't a one-off accident. I sent another registered mail to my brother in California at about the same time, and it is stuck in the Los Angeles USPS "ISC" center.

    See my FB post at

    2) For information on how to obtain a ballot, I found this YouTube video very useful:

    3) If you can, please alert others concerning the sorry state of the USPS, including your local congressional office.

    I hope that you find this information useful.

    (Sorry for the typo in the subject line.  This software won't let me fix it!)

    Thomas Robb
    Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Sangyo U.