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Teaching is an art!

  • 1.  Teaching is an art!

    Posted 13 days ago
    Teaching is an art, have you ever thought about it? Time and trend of educating makes you change from ordinary instructive teacher to an ITT teacher while preparing online activities, then you turn into psychologist who just try to find a way out of problematic situations in the classroom. Suddenly you become an actor or actress performing your lesson as a visual aid ( Drama).
    Can you add more related professions to the list? I will be  happy to get your  ideas for my future article.

    Dildora Kasimova
    Specialized Boarding school # 4

  • 2.  RE: Teaching is an art!

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hello Dildora,

    You are so right, teachers are a little bit of many different professions! You've hit on the ones I thought of ('regular' teacher, technology 'expert', psychologist, actors and actresses). We are managers when we have to create schedules and fit everything into a the day. This might be a stretch, but we kind of become a judge when classroom management issues arise. Sounds like an interesting article. Best of luck!

    Brooke Leach Grable
    EL Teacher
    Nordonia Hills City School District
    TESOL Membership Professional Council
    Ohio TESOL Board of Directors