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Opportunity from Global Vida

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    Posted 10 days ago
    Hello colleagues,

    A few days ago I received this message from one of my friends from Global Vida. I am sharing this opportunity with My TESOL Lounge community. Please see the opportunity described below and I hope you or your students find this opportunity useful.

    The main goal is to increase approval of bilingual programs in the public opinion so... for that ...we are still collecting videos to add to our ICONOS  de la COMUNIDAD check out the videos here, Inspiring words from OUR OWN!

    Participating is very simple!  Just need to send a mp4 (cell phone/zoom) video via email. In less than 1 minute: 

    State your name, current job or accomplishments and share Why it is important to be bilingual.

    We just extended the deadline for nominations as well and this will be great for TESOL membership

    Many of them, including you could be DESERVING RECIPIENTS of one of these awards and others in your  bilingual schools/ organization network!

    For nominations of Spanish, ESL and bilingual teachers use this link

    An outstanding bilingual, ESL or Spanish PK - G 12 student can be nominated here 

    We are also looking for the Bilingual Leader Award. The nominations can be completed through this link


    Viviana Hall

    This is my contact information: - Por si acaso alguien solicita mayor información-


    Yuliya Summers
    MyTESOL Lounge Coordinator/Volunteer
    United States