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Research study on non-native English speaker faculty

  • 1.  Research study on non-native English speaker faculty

    Posted 22-10-2020 11:52 AM
    Edited by Carolina Pelaez-Morales 22-10-2020 11:52 AM

    Dear colleagues:

    I am writing to ask for your assistance with a research project. The study looks at the challenges non-native English speakers (NNESs) who hold faculty positions in the U.S face and strategies they develop to be successful in academia as well as their perception of immigration rhetoric and whether or not it impacts areas of their academic labor: teaching, research, or service. The ultimate goal of the study is to help strengthen our understanding of the barriers linguistically diverse faculty face to succeed in academia. While discussions about diversity are common, they tend to focus on students, but we know much less about those who teach them.

    To learn more about the project and to access the informed consent, please click on the following link:

    For more information, contact Carolina Pelaez-Morales at

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Carolina Pelaez-Morales
    Associate Professor of TESOL & Composition
    Columbus State University