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Technology tools for efficacious online education.

  • 1.  Technology tools for efficacious online education.

    Posted 09-06-2020 11:18

    'Desperate times call for desperate measures', in present COVID-19 pandemic situation, the education systems around the world call for desperate measures. The essential part of these desperate measures is the transitioning of conventional face-to-face education to online education. Here, I have tried to make an effort to provide a comprehensive list of medium and technology tools for Pakistani educators specifically and for the worldwide educators generally. Most of my fellow Pakistani ELT educators are incorporating these technology tools in their language teaching at different institutions successfully. These are mostly free of cost and user-friendly online websites and by using the combination of these in the lesson plans the teachers will be able to impart and assess the student's learning with lucidity and unerringly. 

    At the moment in our online institution we are using Skype, Adobe Connect, Team Viewer, and university's customized LMS for conducting online classes along with online course activities. Apart from mentioned educational technologies, these are other management systems and medium which can be used for conducting online education. These are;

    1. DOODLE is an online platform with ready-made resources designed to support quality teaching and learning for students.(
    2. CANVAS is another course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It allows educators to post grades, information, and assignments online. (
    3. Tutor Hub, an e-teaching platform is easy to use. It is comfortable for teachers to arrange lessons and use an online tutoring classroom. (
    4. Adobe Connect Software. It is a web conferencing software solution used by companies/institutions for conducting online meetings, webinars, and training sessions. The solution is for Adhoc collaboration as well as planned online meetings.(

    Online course activities are a vital part of any online teaching-learning process. There is a huge variety of online technology tools that help teachers in creating course activity based on student's interests, class level, and learning requirements. So, here is a list of technology tools along with their weblinks and descriptions.

    1. VOICETHREAD can Upload, share, and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files, and videos. Over 50 different types of media can be used. Also you can Comment on VoiceThread slides using one of five powerful commenting options: microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload. You can Keep a VoiceThread private, share it with specific people, or open it up to the entire world. (
    2. PlayPosit's editing platform allows instructors to enrich video content with a variety of powerful interactions ranging from multiple-choice questions to graded fill-in-the-blanks. Its interactive features mirror the traditional classroom experience and learners receive feedback to increase long-term retention, tripling learning efficacy over standard video. Teachers can receive immediate, accessible data (both performance and behavior-based) to effectively remediate concepts, automatically assign grades, and address deficiencies. It helps in Seamless Workflow through Sync rosters, create and assign impactful video experiences, enriching flipped classroom, and streamline tedious grading. (
    3. K-W-L Creator: This graphic organizer helps the students in organizing information before, during, and after a lesson. It activates prior knowledge and students can monitor their learning.(
    4. Screencastify: It is a free screen recorder extension for Chrome. We can capture, edit, and share screencasts. Students can record their screen to summarize the given text.(
    5. Prezi: is presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter. Students can create an interactive presentation about the text.(
    6. VideoAnt: It is a web-based video annotation tool for mobile and desktop devices. Users can use it to add annotations, or comments, to web-hosted videos. VideoAnt-annotated videos are called "Ants". ( activity: (
    7. Vialogues: It is a video-powered and discussion-driven platform. It is a community of learners using video to ignite discussion. Here learners can explore the collection of thought-provoking video discussions or host their own and invite others to join them. (
    8. Quizlet: It makes simple learning tools that let you study anything. Start learning today with flashcards, games, and learning tools. It has seven different study modes, tools to help teachers get the most out of their students, and activities to help classes learn and have fun together. (
    9. Padlet: It is an online virtual "bulletin" board, where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures, in a secure location. It allows users to create a hidden wall with a custom URL. Padlet creators can also moderate posts, remove posts, and manage their board 24/7. (
    10. TEDEd: Here you can discover video-based lessons organized by age/subject. Also, you can create your video-based lessons, students can create talks on their own, in class and at home (
    11. ActivelyLearn: It is an award-winning online curriculum platform that drives equity and engagement through deeper learning. Actively Learn is a freemium digital reading platform that allows teachers and students to interact with readings and/or assignments. Furthermore, teachers and students can check assignment basic data. (
    12. Ponder: It is a digital "micro-reading response" tool that facilitates the analysis of a text and collaboration with other students and teachers while reading. Ponder's engagement analytics tracks student activity day-to-day, allowing teachers to identify students who are not completing work and falling behind. ( Micro responses to reading assignments identifying emotional, analytical, or cognitive sentiments.
    13. Socrative: It's a cloud-based student response system developed in 2010 by Boston-based graduate school students. It allows teachers to create simple quizzes that students can take quickly on laptops – or, more often, via classroom tablet computers or their smartphones. (
    14. Edpuzzle: Here, you can find a video, add questions, and assign it to your class. Also you can watch as they progress and hold them accountable for their learning journey. (

    In the end, for the guidance and learning of my fellow educators I am sharing my portfolio created for TTLO (Transitioning Teaching Language Online) course. This will give you tips and ideas for creating online activates by using some of the technology tools I have mentioned.

    Portfolio Link:

    Humaira Jamshed
    Virtual University of Pakistan