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  • 1.  WebQuest for Inquiry-based Learning

    Posted 07-04-2022 03:29 AM
    WebQuests for all ages

    WebQuests are problem-based learning activities that engage learners in the learning process. 
    WebQuests are valuable instructional tools for learners of all ages in both the school and work settings. WebQuests engage learners in experiential (hands on) inquiry-based learning activities. 

    These activities promote collaborative social skills, higher order critical thinking skills, inquiry problem-based learning, and technological skills. WebQuests motivate and empower teachers and learners to become lifelong learners and provide opportunities for teachers and students to be creative.

    Find out everything you wanted to know about the WebQuest and create your very own WebQuest in this self-paced free online course with full support on a Moodle learning management system Click to View and Enrol

    Looking forward to helping you with your WebQuest.

    [Nellie] [Deutsch] [Ed]
    [Education Technologist]
    [Moodle for Teachers]

  • 2.  RE: WebQuest for Inquiry-based Learning

    Posted 07-04-2022 10:17 AM
    I might need to put this on my summer to do list!  Thank you Nellie.  What a great resource!

    Anastasia J. Khawaja, Ph.D. (she, her, hers)
    Membership Professional Council Chair

  • 3.  RE: WebQuest for Inquiry-based Learning

    Posted 07-04-2022 12:13 PM
    Hi Anastasia,

    Thank you for your reply. I'll keep you or anyone else who only has time in the summer in mind.

    Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D.
    Mindfulness Practitioner
    Moodle Trainer