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    Posted 16-04-2020 10:29
    I joined TESOL this year in an effort to expand my knowledge of best practices teaching emerging and developing ELLs in my high school English language arts classroom. This fall will mark my ninth year teaching ELA, the last eight at large comprehensive high schools. Some of my classes have as many as 30 percent of students who are non-native English speakers, and while I employ all of the recommended differentiation tools, I feel as though there is more I can do to help my students better develop and understand English. I had planned to attend the TESOL international conference in Denver this year, but since it has been cancelled I'm looking forward to attending next year's event in Houston and learning all I can from TESOL's online resources, including how to best instruct language learners remotely, as it appears the quarantine may continue into the fall.

    Mary Butler
    Language Arts Teacher and Media Studies Instructor
    Boulder Valley School District
    United States