• TESOL HEIS Social Media Manager

    Dear TESOL HEIS Community,

    We are looking for a Social Media Manager to join our leadership team. You can find more information about this opportunity below. Social Media Manager's bylaw duties are:

    1. The Steering Committee shall appoint the HEIS Social Media Manager. The current bylaws note this role has a three-year term; however, we realize that this lengthy commitment may be problematic for some.  We hope to have a revised set of bylaws for the annual meeting in March with more realistic term lengths. The term of office shall be from the close of the TESOL annual convention following appointment until the close of the TESOL annual convention in the year of retirement.
    2. The Social Media Manager shall maintain the Social Media as needed, including updating the website with new content when available, assisting HEIS members with Web site access issues, periodically informing HEIS members about the website, recommending website changes to the Steering Committee, and communicating necessary information regarding the Web site to the TESOL Central Office.
    3. The Social Media Manager shall make an annual report to the Steering Committee. 

    Possible candidates should send a short bio statement of 50 words that includes why they are interested in this role and any relevant experience to Deany Goode,, and Melissa Ferro,

    Application deadline: 20th December 2022.

    Very much looking forward to welcoming you to our outstanding team!

    Kind regards,

    Cristina Manea Gultekin, MA
    TESOL HEIS Community Manager
    Teacher Educator
    CELT-S/ CELT-P Course Tutor
    English Lecturer
    Gaziantep University