• It's RCIS election time!

    RCIS Members, check your email to vote in the 2022 RCIS election. Help us bring new leaders on board who will help us continue to grow, learn, aspire, and inspire! 

    Voting is open until 28 April 2022.

    Thank you for your time and participation. We appreciate it!
  • Refugee Concerns Virtual Open Meeting

    Save the Date for the 2022 RCIS Open Meeting! 

    Saturday, 2 April
    10 am US/Canada Central
    11 am US/Canada Eastern 
    3 pm GMT

    We will meet virtually via Zoom! We chose the virtual meeting option and a Saturday date to try to include as many as we can. More info is forthcoming!

    We hope to see you there! 

  • 2022 Teacher Educator Interest Section CALL for Nominations for Leadership Positions

    2022 TEIS CALL for Nominations

    The Teacher Educator Interest Section (TEIS) is a professional network of teacher educators who seek to advance the quality of English language teacher preparation and in-service teacher professional development through collaboration in a broad spectrum of scholarly activities. TEIS invites our membership to join the leadership team. Colleagues are invited from across all contexts and settings to join us. Individuals who are interested will be supported by previous leaders as they assume the respective positions.

    Two openings:

    • Chair-Elect 
    • Chair-Elect-Elect


    Candidates must be TESOL members. They must be able to commit to attending the next four TESOL Conferences, either virtually or in-person (2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025). 

    Nominees for Chair-Elect should have previous leadership-level TESOL-related service experience.

    Description: Please below for the description of each position and the address to where you can send your nominations. 

    Process: Individuals can be nominated or they can self-nominate. Send nominations to

    Deadline for nominations is February 27, 2022.

    Current Leadership Team:

    Michelle Benegas: Chair

    James Whiting: Chair Elect-Elect

    Co-Editors: Khanh-Duc Kuttig & Bridget Schvarcz

    Community Manager: Abdulsamad Humaidan

    Join us on the TEIS Leadership Team! 

    The position descriptions are as follows:

    The Chair-Elect: 

    • in the temporary absence of the Chair, presides at the Business Meeting of TEIS and its Steering Committee; 
    • organizes, in cooperation with the Chair, proposals for a TEIS academic session and additional panels on topics identified by the TEIS membership and the Steering Committee; 
    • serves as a member of the Steering Committee; 
    • prepares the minutes of the annual Business Meeting and distributes them to the Steering Committee members within 30 days after the Business Meeting for approval and subsequent entry into the permanent records of TEIS; 
    • prepares a summary of the minutes for publication in the TEIS Newsletter; 
    • assists Chair in the organization of annual webinar topics and recruits speakers; 
    • organizes and publicizes the Doctoral Student webinars annually with assistance of the Chair-Elect-Elect and Advisory Board;
    • solicits contributions for the newsletters, and 
    • assists the Chair in carrying out his/her assigned responsibilities and performs other duties assigned by the Chair and/or Steering Committee.
    • will serve as chair following the 2023 TESOL Convention and past chair the following year. 

     The Chair-Elect-Elect: 

    • organizes, in cooperation with the Chair and the Chair-Elect, proposals for intersection panels in which TEIS may be a primary or secondary partner;
    • serves as a member of the Steering Committee;. takes notes at the annual Business Meeting, and assists the Chair-Elect with the preparation of the minutes; in the temporary absence of the Chair or Chair-Elect at the annual Business Meeting, assumes the responsibilities for preparing the minutes of the meeting; 
    • solicits topics, articles, column editors and other contributions and contributors for various activities (i.e., newsletter, blog, social media, webinars), and 
    • assists with social media networking activities and other duties assigned by the Chair and/or Steering Committee.
    • will serve as chair following the 2024 TESOL Convention and past chair the following year.

    If you would like to nominate a colleague or to self-nominate, email

    In your email, please send us the following information i.e., 

    TEIS leadership position: Chair Elect or Chair Elect-Elect

    Full name:


    TESOL or TESOL Affiliate leadership experience:
    50-word bio:


    Deadline for nominations is February 27, 2022.